Tom Wilson Gets Brutally Honest About Sidney Crosby

Published August 19, 2023 at 2:01 PM

An Old Rivalry

One of the greatest rivalries of the 2000s is without a doubt the one between the Washington Capitals and the Pittsburgh Penguins.

Alex Ovechkin and Sidney Crosby, the two captains, are two of the greatest players of all time. They were drafted only one year apart, and they have evolved together in the NHL ever since.

A close witness of their rivalry, Tom Wilson, spoke out about Crosby after more than 10 years as Ovechkin's teammate.


Wilson Reveals What He Thinks of Crosby

During a recent interview, Wilson was asked to talk about Crosby. His comments were very interesting:

"I'd say they are quite different," Wilson admitted on TSN 1050. "You never know what Ovi is going to come up with. Sid is relatively quiet out there for the most part. He gets fired up every once in a while, but he sticks to his game and isn't very vocal."

Then, he talked about Crosby's reputation as a "dirty" player:

"I think every hockey player has a trick or two up their sleeve, whether it's to defend themselves or to play with some sandpaper – that's just how we are. He's had a big target on his back for a long time, so I'm sure he has to do some things to create space," said Wilson.

He ended the interview by having some kind words for Crosby:

"He's an all-time great player in the game, and despite how many times we've played against each other and gone back and forth in that rivalry, we haven't had many run-ins. He's always been quite classy and a respected player, at least from my perspective."

In the end, Wilson, like most of the other NHL players, respects Sidney Crosby, as he's one of the greatest players to have played in the NHL.

As seen on Hockey Patrol - Tom Wilson reveals what he really thinks of Sidney Crosby
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Tom Wilson Gets Brutally Honest About Sidney Crosby

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