The NHL & Gary Bettman just don't get it!

Published November 9, 2021 at 1:12 PM

When the details were revealed in the Kyle Beach saga to say most people were disgusted would likely be an understatement, but the only thing worse is the botched efforts by Gary Bettman and the league since.

After leaving the Blackhawks' organization with a glowing referral Brad Aldrich went on to a Michigan high school where he sexually assaulted a teenage boy. Since this information has been revealed this teenager victim has been referred to in documentation by the name John Doe 2. Last week during a press conference Gary Bettman was interviewed and when asked if the league would commit to special counselling to the victim and his family he replied:

"I would need to know more before making the blanket commitment you're asking for."

What else does Gary Bettman need to know? Maybe that a former NHL coach assaulted a player and the organization covered it up? Or that the team provided a referral to allow this coach to go work for a high school team where he manipulated, assaulted a minor and committed the crime? Or that the team still refused to reveal these details even once Aldrich was charged?

That sounds rough doesn't it?

Well Gary Bettman and the NHL have found a way to make things worse.

After Rick Westhead completed a powerful and emotional interview with John Doe 2's mother about how she felt about Kyle Beach's impassioned apology to her son for not doing more to protect him. But today the NHL informed John Doe 2's lawyer that the league would not be covering these expenses.

Is it just me or does this seems like the biggest slam dunk ever? There is no world where the NHL should be passing the buck to the Blackhawks here when the league simply accepted the Blackhawks world that there was no merit to Kyle Beach's claims.

We are at the point where if the NHL truly wants to show progress the only choice is to remove Gary Bettman from his post, start fresh and provide a complete audit of anyone in a power position.

Kyle Beach deserves better.

John Doe 2 deserves better.

Every fan who loves the game of hockey but has ever felt ostracized or excluded deserves better.
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