Russian player 2-hands opponent in back of head (video)

Published October 7, 2022 at 2:22 PM

A video has emerged recently from a Russian Jr. hockey league, showing a player 2-hand a player on the opposing team in the back of the head, quite brutally and seemingly unprovoked.

It's a bit unclear if Jr. league in Russia has the same meaning as Jr. league in North America, as the players in the video are all wearing cages and seem much younger than the 16-20 age for Jr. players in Canada.

We can only hope that the young player hit is okay, and the the player who did the 2-hand is able to see the error of his actions and learn to control his temper.

October 7   |   165 answers
Russian player 2-hands opponent in back of head (video)

Will this kid ever play hockey again?

yes7042.4 %
no9557.6 %
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