Auston Matthews IGNORES parents and PISSES them off

Published October 6, 2022 at 4:31 PM

On Wednesday October 5 Auston Matthews and his teammates were in Gravenhurst practising for the final 2 pre-season games.

Seeing that a group of fans were outside waiting for autographs the reigning Hart Trophy winner happily obliged two children who had jerseys to sign, while completely ignoring a few adult fans that were also waiting, as the video below shows.

Obviously NHL players have a limited amount of time but given how few the number of fans were outside Matthews could have taken a bit of extra time to sign some merchandise the adults had as well, particularly since they are the ones paying to support the team!

October 6   |   669 answers
Auston Matthews IGNORES parents and PISSES them off

Will Auston Matthews lead the NHL in goals again this year?

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