Paul Bissonnette in some hot water after shocking comments ... again!

Published October 7, 2022 at 11:43

For someone whose twitter handle is Biznasty2point0 - and even Biznasty1point0 would be indicative of his persona - Paul Bissonnette continues to provide shock and outrage to the hockey world with his commentary.

Biz' latest controversy stem from comments he made on TNT regarding Tyler Seguin's attractiveness and that that could be why more women are becoming hockey fans.

It's an interesting example of public commentary and internet outrage insofar as Bissonnette's comments come at a time of extreme - and absolutely warranted - public scrutiny on the toxic culture surrounding hockey, particularly as it relates to sexual assault and violence against women.

And although these aren't comments that promote victim-blaming or rape culture, they do function to preserve hockey and sport as an exclusively male space, questioning why women would even be hockey fans.

It's also an example of how the internet and social media can make the reactions of a few people seem like they're more representative of a larger group than they really are.

I think these comments by Biz and some fan's reactions to them are representative of the fork in the road hockey is at right now in Canada and in the world, in terms of male chauvinism, rape culture, and the place for women within hockey.

What do you think?
October 7   |   759 answers
Paul Bissonnette in some hot water after shocking comments ... again!

Are Bissonnette's comments representative of the larger problem in hockey now related to violence against women?

Yes709.2 %
No64685.1 %
Yes but a micro-aggression435.7 %
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