RUMOR: Noah Hanifin Traded Out From Calgary? Insider Reveals A Deal Is In Place

Published December 9, 2023 at 9:20 PM

Today a new rumor has suggested that Noah Hanifin's time in Calgary could be rapidly coming to an end.

Multiple Teams Making Calls On Hanifin

According to hockey insider Eklund from the market for Noah Hanifin is rapidly heating up. Eklund suggests that two teams potentially have a deal in place to bring Hanifin in. A third team is also on the fringe of these conversations.

Quick hit hereNot a whole lot of info regarding the possible destinationsbut I was told this weekend there could be a deal in place.with either Toronto or Boston..outside chance of the Islanders.

I am told the Sabres are looking elsewheremore as I get it.

While this is not much to go on it does suggest that the Noah Hanifin market could be heating up as the weeks have gone on. The Maple leafs and Bruins are both in a race for the top of the Atlantic Division so both being in on the player makes sense.

Who Will Win The Race For Hanifin?

If the Bruins and Maple Leafs are the finalists for Hanifin let's take a look at what it might cost for either to acquire him.

A recent post on X put together a couple of potential trade packages for Calgary Flames players. One of those players was Noah Hanifin. Using this post as a model let's look at what it would take.

The post indicates the price for Hanifin is likely a first and second-round pick along with a top defensive prospect or young defenseman.

Both teams have the assets to make this work. The Maple Leafs have the stronger prospect pool at the moment so they might have the slight edge. These negotiations will come down to the wire and be fascinating to follow.

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RUMOR: Noah Hanifin Traded Out From Calgary? Insider Reveals A Deal Is In Place

Which team lands Noah Hanifin?

Boston Bruins4437.6 %
Toronto Maple Leafs3630.8 %
New York Islanders108.5 %
Other2723.1 %
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