NHL Player Safety Makes Decision Regarding Evander Kane

Published December 9, 2023 at 5:17 PM

Last night, Evander Kane laid a questionable hit on Minnesota Wild defenseman Jonas Brodin, and now NHL Player Safety has made its decision on his fate.

Kane Delivers Questionable Hit on Brodin That Leaves Him Hurt

Last night's Oilers-Wild game got a little chippy, with some big, physical plays happening at both ends of the ice. One notable hit was delivered by Evander Kane on Jonas Brodin.

The hit was fairly questionable, with many believing that Kane would be fined or suspended even though it went uncalled during the game. During the play, Kane slowly approached Brodin as they skated towards the boards, and delivered a hit, arguably from behind, on Brodin. Brodin left the game hurt as a result of the hit.

For those who missed it, the uncalled hit on Brodin by Kane that knocked Brodin out of the game and resulted in a penalty to Hartman for going after Kane

Department of Player Safety Not Giving Any Punishment to Kane

It was learned today, however, that the Department of Player Safety would not be giving Evander Kane any punishment for the hit. They determined that Brodin knew the hit was coming, could have protected himself, and didn't do so properly.

"Hearing no discipline coming to Evander Kane likely because Brodin shoulder checks and didn't protect himself despite fact Evander Kane needlessly drives his head into the glass."

"Still, fact this wasn't a Wild power play is outrageous. Fact the refs then fall for Kane timberrrring like a tree in a forest to put the Wild a man down en route to winning goal is even more outrageous

Way Brodin has been playing, this will be a big loss if he's out for #mnwild

There are some concerns about the Department of Player Safety's consistency when it comes to fines and suspensions, with them delivering what seems like variable punishments for similar infractions. In this case, the Oilers may have gotten away with one.

As seen on Blade of Steel - "Player Safety Makes Decision on Evander Kane's Hit on Jonas Brodin"
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NHL Player Safety Makes Decision Regarding Evander Kane

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