RUMOR: Leafs Still Looking To Replace William Nylander

Published November 30, 2023 at 1:17 PM
A rumour has recently surfaced online that the Toronto Maple Leafs are still looking at their options to replace William Nylander as he continues to price himself out of Toronto.

Insider Reveals that Toronto is Still Looking To Move Nylander Despite Hot Year

William Nylander is showing up in his contract year, sitting at 27 points in 20 games played. With Toronto already in a tight cap situation, his performance is almost pricing him out of a potential extension in Toronto.

Now, NHL insider Eklund of Hockey Buzz has revealed that the Leafs are on the hunt for a top-6 forward, one that would allow them to move Nylander out.

A source confirmed to me that Florida, Ottawa and Toronto were all trying to land Patrick KaneThe same source tells me the Leafs are STILL aggressively looking for a top 6 forward

«They continue to talk to teams about a top 6 forward, a player that would then enable them to move Nylander»

The Leafs have long been rumoured to be shopping Nylander, and now it appears those rumours are starting up again.

Should the Leafs Trade Nylander This Season?

Moving Nylander is a tricky situation for the Leafs. Currently, Nylander is the best contract value that there is in the NHL. The argument for trading him lies solely on the fact that he could walk away for nothing after this season is over. Trading him could yield significant assets for this year and years to come.

Nylander has never broken 90 pts and has hit 40 goals once in his career.

That was prime Willy too, his next deal will be buying is he worth over 10M? Let alone 11M?

If teams like him that much, then they will pay up via trade.

9.5aav or trade.

However, doing so would essentially be the Leafs saying that they don't believe in themselves this year. A team that is signalling they are going all in is one that keeps Nylander for the year since they don't necessarily care about what happens after the season is over.

So the question remains, do the Leafs have what it takes to win this year? Or should they move Nylander in hopes of a longer-term gain?

As seen on Hockey Buzz - "Leafs Lost Out on Patrick Kane, still looking for a forward"
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RUMOR: Leafs Still Looking To Replace William Nylander

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