REPORT: Very BAD news for Seattle Kraken's Shane Wright - What is Seattle doing?

Published October 29, 2022 at 8:27 PM

It's only been a few months now since the 2022 NHL Entry Draft, where going into it, Shane Wright was the projected 1st overall pick.

Ever seen the movie Draft Day? Well, There was a quarterback projected to go first overall, and when Sonny Weaver passed on him with the first overall pick, that quarterback started to drop and finally got selected at 6th, and I dont know about you, but this movie reminded me exactly of Shane Wrights scenario.

When he was passed at 1st by the Canadiens, the New Jersey Devils passed on him at two, then the Arizona Coyotes passed on him at three, where he fell into the lap of the Seattle Kraken at four.

Wright was drafted out of the Ontario Hockey League, and because of this, he is allowed a 9 game trial in the NHL before he can be sent back to juniors without burning a year off his contract.

Well, the Seattle Kraken are playing in their 10th game tonight, and Shane Wright has only been in the lineup for 5 of them. Of those 5 games, he played a max 8:42 of ice time, and in his last game against the Blackhawks he was only played 5:51.

It's obvious that the Kraken do not have any faith in Shane Wright at this young of an age as they will now be healthy scratching him tonight for the 3rd straight game.

At this point it does not even make sense to keep him on the roster anymore. If they do not intend on playing him in games and when they do, they don't intend on playing him more than max 8 minutes, they might as well just not wait for the 9 game limit and send him back to juniors now. Let him play 20 minutes a game in juniors and develop more. While practicing with an NHL club is definitely more valuable than with his OHL team, getting game playing time is just as valuable to development.

The Kraken made some moves this offseason to improve their roster, but at 3-4-2 on the season, no one see's the Kraken as a cup contender or even a playoff contender this year. Let the kids play and get some National Hockey League experience.
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REPORT: Very BAD news for Seattle Kraken's Shane Wright - What is Seattle doing?

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