REPORT: Sidney 'the kid' Crosby wants to finish his career with this Canadian team

Published November 19, 2022 at 5:10 PM

When you think of the Pittsburgh Penguins 3 players usually come to mind. First is always Mario Lemieux who many argue was the best player to ever play, second was his winger, the mullet himself, Jaromir Jagr who is currently second in all time NHL points, and lastly is Sidney Crosby who for years has been considered the best player currently playing in the National Hockey League and he and Alexander Ovechkin have been the face of the NHL since their debuts in 2005.

Crosby has spent his entire 1125 game career with the Pittsburgh Penguins, where he has won 3 stanley cups and managed to wrack up 1430 points over his career to date.

According to this Twitter account, Crosby might be looking to leave Pittsburgh towards the end of his career and make his way back to Canada.

BREAKING_NEWS according to source close to Sidney Crosby , the #pens captain would «love to finish his career with the Montréal #canadiens «. Sid is under contract for 3 more years with Pittsburgh and will be 38 when it expires.

According to the same source , Sid is looking to play into his 40s. He will be looking for a 2 or 3 year deal with the #habs in 2025. According to the same source , "Sid wants to be part of what he believes is a special rebuild for the #canadiens franchise"

Crosby is from Canada, Cole Harbour Nova Scotia to be exact. He played his junior hockey Quebec in the QMJHL and many fans and probably even his family for years have wanted to see him play on a Canadian Franchise.

Well, if he ever intends on playing for a Canadian team, the Canadiens would most likely be the franchise to get him.

Personally I do not think this will happen, I see him as a Penguin for life, and Pittsburgh fans would definitely not forgive him if he ever left, but I also like seeing that for the first time ever the rumour isn't that someone is going to Toronto.
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REPORT: Sidney 'the kid' Crosby wants to finish his career with this Canadian team

Will Crosby ever leave Pittsburgh?

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