REPORT: Huge BLOCKBUSTER trade proposal between Montreal Canadiens and San Jose Sharks

Published November 19, 2022 at 3:22 PM

Last night TSN reporter Mike Johnson proposed a trade that would be one of the blockbusters of the year.

The San Jose Sharks are having a better season than they've had in the past few, but they are still a team that is looking to rebuild rather than retool, which all started with the trading away of Brent Burns this offseason.

The Montreal Canadiens however, were supposed to be in a rebuild, but with the lack of trading of assets from the organization, it looks like the team would rather retool than completely rebuild.

The Canadiens had the first overall pick in this last NHL Entry Draft, and with the 2023 NHL draft features possible franchise players in Connor Bedard, Matvei Michkov and Adam Fantelli, this would be the year to ''tank'' if you really want to commit to a rebuild.

But the team has failed to trade away assets like Josh Anderson who apparently had a lot of teams calling about him in the offseason, and players like Christian Dvorak, Jonathan Drouin, Mike Hoffman and Evgenii Dadanov all could have been traded away for assets, but instead here they all are on the current roster still.

Kent Hughes has reported that he is in the hunt for a right handed defenceman as that is something the team is seriously lacking, and well, it just so happens that the San Jose Sharks have a right handed defenceman that they're looking to trade, and also, he is off to one of the hottest starts to his career.

The Montreal Canadiens could make the space to take on Erik Karlssons $11.5 million dollar contract, and he would definitely make the team better.

But according to Johnson, the Sharks would need to welcome a contract back, and he believes that would be Brendan Gallagher.

A trade would most likely have to look like Brendan Gallagher, a prospect and pick(s).

The issue with this though is Karlsson will ultimately make the Habs a lot better of a team, do they really want to be better in a year where they could land a franchise player like Bedard?

Personally though, if they could get Erik Karlsson as a reduced salary and shed Brendan Gallagher's contract who is declining at a rapid rate, without giving up a 2023 first round pick, I would strongly consider it.
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REPORT: Huge BLOCKBUSTER trade proposal between Montreal Canadiens and San Jose Sharks

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