REPORT: Patrice Bergeron talks on the Boston Bruins dropping Mitchell Miller

Published November 7, 2022 at 2:57 PM

It was a wild 72 hours after the Boston Bruins signed the controversial prospect Mitchell Miller.

It stated a downward spiral for the Bruins and they began taking some serious heat from fans, players and the parents of the victim who Miller had bullied.

Many of the Boston Bruins players spoke out about the signing and the fact that they were against it from the beginning and management went ahead and signed them anyways, did not sit well with the players. Many Bruins players were very upset and voiced their displeasure to the media, including captain Patrice Bergeron who came back to the Bruins for one final kick at the can signing a one year deal to try for one more stanley cup.

Well, after all the media stories regarding this situation over the weekend, following a lie that was made in a statement coming to fruition, the Boston Bruins decided this was not worth all the negative feedback they were getting and cut all ties with Mitchell Miller, terminating his contract.

This morning, Bruins captain Patrice Bergeron was asked about this decision, and the fact that a lot of the players were against it, he quickly replied:

In a way, yes, I'm glad we were heard.

We still do not know what the final outcome will be for the Bruins and management for this whole situation, but one thing for sure is that the players are happy the termination.
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REPORT: Patrice Bergeron talks on the Boston Bruins dropping Mitchell Miller

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