REPORT: Matvei Michkov's Team Has Already Given Up on Him

Published September 2, 2023 at 10:50 PM

Matvei Michkov is struggling and it looks like his team and coach have given up on him early into the season.

Michkov's Recent Struggles

Today, SKA St. Petersburg, Matvei Michkov's team, played their first KHL game and he was a healthy scratch.

This is our team to play Dynamo Moscow!

Mattsson (Ivanov)

First line: Nikishin, Sergeev - Tolchinsky, Galchenyuk, Khairullin

Second line: Sapego, Kamalov - Leipsic, Kadeikin, Alistrov

Third line: Pedan, I. Fedotov - M. Fedotov, Vorobyov, Khusnutdinov

Fourth line: Pashnin - Glotov, Zinchenko, Dedunov, I. Demidov (13th forward).

Scratching Michkov makes some sense as he is only 18 years old but then noticing how 17-year-old Ivan Demidov was the 13th forward, it means that Michkov was beaten out for the spot

Coaches Words

SKA coach Roman Rotenberg commented on Michkov's scratching eluding to some potential character issues.

"First of all, he will be included in the squad as a limitertoday this role was occupied by Ivan DemidovHere competition and sports principleWe have to win the competitionthis must be earned first.»

Rotenberg's words confirm two things. First, Michkov did not earn a spot in SKA's lineup today. He has all of the skill in the world but it seems as if Rotenberg will be requiring a more well-rounded game from Michkov or require more effort.

Secondly, it confirms that he will be the 13th forward if he does make the team. Considering how Demidov is a projected top-three pick for the 2024 draft who is responsible defensively, we could expect to see this battle occur all season and potentially even see one get loaned out like Michkov was last season.
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REPORT: Matvei Michkov's Team Has Already Given Up on Him

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