Patrick Kane Gives Heartwarming Tribute to Jimmy Buffet

Published September 2, 2023 at 10:32 PM

At the age of 76, Jimmy Buffet passed away today, as announced by his family. Patrick Kane took to Twitter to share a heartwarming memory between the two unlikely friends.

Kane's Condolences

Kane shared the following image which shows him onstage with Buffet, celebrating the Blackhawks Stanley Cup Victory. He also shared the following message.

RIP to a legend. Some of best nights ever backstage and onstage with you and the Stanley Cup! Always thought there would be another one. Cheers Jimmy!

Kaner Shuffle

Patrick Kane was a longtime friend and fan of Buffet's. He made it a tradition to celebrate all three Stanley Cup victories with the singer. He was even filmed dancing on stage during one of the celebrations, and the dance was dubbed the "Kaner Shuffle".

Jimmy Buffet was notorious for his tropic-style music, which earned his fans the nickname "Parrotheads". His loyal fanbase is notorious for their love for good weather and fun times, with the music being inspired by Hawaii and Florida.

Patrick Kane and Parrotheads around the world will miss the legendary Jimmy Buffet.

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Patrick Kane Gives Heartwarming Tribute to Jimmy Buffet

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