Phil Kessel Could Return to Former Team in Hopes of a Fourth Stanley Cup

Published September 2, 2023 at 9:36 PM

Phil Kessel is a three-time Stanley Cup champion and is still unsigned as a free agent for the upcoming season. Recently, Kessel announced that he was willing to break his Ironman streak in order to continue his career in the NHL.

Kessel's Love Hate for Toronto

Kessel has been known for trolling Toronto media after his departure from the city, notably filling the Stanley Cup with hotdogs after being called out for his physique.

Recently, Kessel had his day with the cup after winning last season with Vegas. He brought it back to Toronto again.

Can confirm Phil Kessel's day with the Stanley Cup was today.

And once again, he had it in Toronto.

What a legend.

Could Kessel Have a Reunion with the Leafs?

Kessel's decision to potentially end his Ironman streak will go a long way in negotiations, as no team wants to be put in a difficult position to end it. With the OK from Kessel, this opens him up as a valuable depth scorer who also is a well-known locker room guy and has extensive playoff experience.

Toronto could use all of those things on their roster. If the money is right, which, since he is still unsigned with a desire to play it might be, Toronto and Kessel could have a reunion in the future. There is clearly a new era being ushered in for the Leafs, and that might further draw Kessel back to his longest-tenured team.

Imagine multiple Stanley Cup winner Phil Kessel coming back to the Maple Leafs and leading them to the promised land?

That'd be as crazy as ethnic bioweapons, politicizing the weather, and man-made pandemics.

I would kill a man for Phil Kessel to be a Toronto Maple Leaf again.

As read on Markerzone News - "REPORT: Kessel May Return to Former Team for One Last Cup Run"
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Phil Kessel Could Return to Former Team in Hopes of a Fourth Stanley Cup

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