REPORT: Long Time HNIC Host's Career In Jeopardy

Published July 9, 2023 at 3:17 PM

Long time Hockey Night in Canada host Ron MacLean's future has become uncertain after a recent report from an insider.

MacLean May Be Gone

Ron MacLean has been a host on Hockey Night in Canada longer than most can remember. He has been a staple on the show for a while now but that time may be coming to an end in the near future.

Insider Howard Berger has made a recent report that shows that MacLean may be a part of the firings from Sportsnet.

Hockey Night in Canada without MacLean may just feel off. He has been a staple on the show for so long but his salary is too much to pay, they may need to send him packing.

Is Anybody Safe

Per Berger's report, only one person is safe. That is insider Elliotte Friedman. Friedman constantly breaks stories and does so at a level an entire team at TSN cannot manage to match.

If Friedman were to be sacked, he would likely have a new gig almost instantly. He is one of the most valuable assets in the media game right now. While Friedman may be safe, he may decide to leave if he watches all of his co-stars get fired unceremoniously.

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REPORT: Long Time HNIC Host's Career In Jeopardy

Should Friedman leave HNIC if his coworkers get fired?

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