Defenseman Issues Apology After Getting Involved in Another Controversy

Published July 9, 2023 at 1:29

A notorious defenseman has gotten involved into another controversy after picking an unofficially retired jersey number.

Cole Chooses 28

Ian Cole has found himself in many controversies over the past few years. From sleeping with a team reporter to being accused of sexual assault, he has been linked to so much trouble.

Most recently, he came under fire for choosing to wear the number 28 in Vancouver, an unofficially retired number.

28 has been unofficially retired after Luc Bourdon tragically passed away at the age of 21. No player has worn the number for the Canucks since his death.

Cole Issues Apology

After seeing everything from Canucks fans, Cole decided it would be best to retract his former decision and issue an apology to the Canucks faithful.

Cole will now wear 82 for the Canucks out of respect for Bourdon which is a stand up move from him. Many franchises have unofficially retired numbers and it is an unwritten rule to respect those boundaries.

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Defenseman Issues Apology After Getting Involved in Another Controversy

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