Russian Prospect Screws Over the Flyers

Published July 9, 2023 at 11:54

Flyers Struggle to Retain their Prospects

The Philadelphia Flyers have been facing difficulties in the past week concerning their prospects.

As you may know, they drafted Matvei Michkov, who is currently under contract in Russia.

Additionally, Cutter Gauthier, the 5th overall pick in 2022, did not attend the Flyers' development camp, causing quite a commotion.

Now, it seems they will also lose another one of their top prospects.

Flyers Lose Top Prospect to KHL

In the past few hours, Ivan Fedotov announced that he has signed a two-year contract with the KHL.


Although Fedotov is still under contract with the Flyers, he has chosen to play in the KHL instead.

It is evident that Brière would have preferred to avoid this situation.

This highlights a genuine issue within the organization: players are not eager to play for the Flyers.

However, this might change when Michkov joins the team, similar to what we have witnessed with the Blackhawks and Connor Bedard.

Do you think Fedotov will eventually play for the Flyers?

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Russian Prospect Screws Over the Flyers

Do you think Fedotov will play for the Flyers?

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