REPORT: Insider reveals how much Mitchell Miller will make after the the failed signing - it's A LOT

Published November 14, 2022 at 12:33

It's been now been 10 days since the Boston Bruins made the controversial decision to sign Mitchell Miller and it has been nothing but hell for them ever since.

Shortly after the signing, Gary Bettman came out and said Miller was ineligible to play in the National Hockey League, but despite this the contract is valid and went through. Apparently the 'rules' were not clear enough to the teams around the NHL and there has been a stink around this situation ever since.

Since the contract was somehow approved, it does not leave the Bruins with many options after they wanted to terminate the contract.

According to NHL Insider Jeff Marek, there are two likely outcomes from this scenario.
1. The two reach a mutual decision to terminate (which is unlikely)
2. The Bruins buy him out.

Wyshynski outlined three options for the Bruins and Miller to legally part ways, although he won't be playing in the NHL or AHL prior to his release. The first option is a buyout at the end of the season, which would result in a salary cap charge of $287,222 through 2027, or twice the remaining length of Miller's entry-level contract. In this case, the Bruins would still owe Miller his contract money for the 2022-23 season, which would likely consist of his $95,000 signing bonus and $82,500 minor-league salary.

If the Boston Bruins choose to buy him out, according to the amazing website, this is how the buyout would look:


This was a major mistake by the Bruins and as a punishment, they will be penalized with some cap penalties in one way or another.

If the Bruins do choose to buy him out, Miller would make $516,667. Not bad for one weekends work.
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REPORT: Insider reveals how much Mitchell Miller will make after the the failed signing - it's A LOT

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