REPORT: Robin Lehner likely DONE in Vegas - Incoming TRADE expected

Published November 13, 2022 at 10:03 PM

The Vegas Golden Knights early team success has been a blessing and a curse for the franchise. It's a blessing because they instantly were playoff contenders and never had to go through building pains, but with the quick success, they were expected to quick winning which has led to some very poor management of players.

Due to this poor management of players they've become a undesirable place to play as you don't have any security, and after seeing how they treated Marc-Andre Fleury and Nate Schmidt who were the original golden misfits, and then Max Pacioretty this offseason, you can see why.

It now looks like the player they brought in to replace the former Golden Misfit Marc-Andre Fleury is on his way out the door as well.

According to NHL Insider Dan Rosen, the Golden Knights are very happy with their goaltending tandem right now of Logan Thompson and Adin Hill and are likely now to move Robin Lehner who is expected to miss this entire season recovering from an injury and still has another 2 years after this year on this contract with an AAV of $5,000,000.


Lehner was originally acquired by the Vegas Golden Knights after a poor season by Fleury, and Lehner stole the net, becoming the starting goalie.

Then in the 2020-21 season, Fleury stole it right back and went on to win his first Vezina as the leagues best goaltender. After winning this award, the Golden Knights immediately traded Fleury to the Blackhawks.

Lehner did not have a great season last year under his former coach Peter DeBoer, but was hoping to rebound when he returned from injury. Apparently though it does not look like that will be in Vegas.

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REPORT: Robin Lehner likely DONE in Vegas - Incoming TRADE expected

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