REPORT: Devils and Canucks Deep Into Trade Talks to Reunite the Hughes Brothers

Published August 16, 2023 at 12:09

The Hughes family has certainly caused a splash in recent years. It started with Quinn when he was drafted by Vancouver in 2018. Then, the Devils drafted Jack and Luke in 2019 and 2021.

Now, it looks like the Devils have asked what it would take to reunite Quinn with his brothers in New Jersey.

Devils Looking to Get All Hughes Brothers?


This major development was reported by Eklund on

According to him, the Devils are the only candidates to trade for Quinn Hughes. Not only because it's probably the only team Hughes would want to be traded to, but also because it won't be cheap, and the Devils have what it takes to pay.

"The Devils are one of many teams talking to Vancouver these days. They will be making some deals in the upcoming days... But so far, I believe only NJ has hit on the subject of Quinn Hughes."

A High Price

We can't imagine Hughes leaving the Canucks for anything less than a few top prospects and good draft picks.

That would certainly be a dream scenario for the brothers and for the fans.

If they can make that deal happen, the Devils would be in an even better position to aspire to win the Stanley Cup.

A trade like this would not only be good for the Devils but also for hockey in general. Who wouldn't want to see the three brothers compete together?

Do you think that trade will happen?


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REPORT: Devils and Canucks Deep Into Trade Talks to Reunite the Hughes Brothers

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