NHL Referee Goes On Incredible Journey for a Great Cause

Published August 15, 2023 at 10:28 PM

In most, if not all sports, referees have a hard role, as there will always be someone to complain about a specific call, but overall, most do their best to call a fair and even game and remain respected by players, coaches and fans.

A Massive task


One NHL referee that garners plenty of respect is Dan O'Rourke, who has refereed over 1,000 games in the NHL, and is now taking a big journey for a fantastic cause.

He is now cycling over 2,700 miles from Santa Monica all the way to Chicago, and now he's almost half way through the gruelling trip.

A Great cause

The reason for this trip? Honouring his father who dealt with vision issues his entire life, but inspired those around him by never letting it get to him, and now O'Rourke is doing this trip for the National Federation of the Blind.

If you would like to donate to this incredible cause and tough trip that O'Rourke is undergoing, you can donate at the link here: Support the National Federation of the Blind

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NHL Referee Goes On Incredible Journey for a Great Cause

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