Parent shares her side of story claiming Mitchell Miller is being LIED about

Published November 6, 2022 at 3:05 PM

On Friday the Boston Bruins made a very controversial move signing 'blacklisted' player Mitchell Miller who was drafted in the 4th round by the Arizona Coyotes in 2020, but they quickly rescinded the pick after learning of his past with bullying.

The mother of the poor boy that Miller was bullying has been in contact with many news agencies hoping to block Miller from ever playing hockey in the NHL.

Another parent has now surfaced and is providing a different perspective on the matter.

The current claims are that Miller ''tortured'' the poor kid for years, but this parent seems to say otherwise.

Ok..l cannot keep quiet anymore. The truth has to come out.I know both of these boys. My daughter was in their same grade. They were friends. To say that Mitchell "bullied" Isaiah from elementary school to 10th grade is not true. They were friends and lsaiah just wanted to be part of the the kids. He wanted to be funny. And when this came and said that it included a disabled boy...!
Was so upset as my niece is special needs and thought who could do this to someone as didn't even know who was involved in the situation. Then heard and really cannot believe they called Isaiah disabled. I am not here to speak bad about anyone. I'm here to speak facts. I know 100% that Mitchell and Isaiah were both young 8th grade boys. Mitchell was doing a prank that went bad. And he served his community service over and beyond and was remorseful. He also went to Isaiah's houses to personally apologize but they would not open the door to them. Mitchell sent letters and recently spoke to him. How can lsaiah's mom not forgive an 8th grade boy. Thank goodness that when lsaiah's Dad went and assaulted a soccer coach and was arrested that the soccer coach dropped all charges and FORGAVE him. Joni, what will it take for you to forgive Mitchell? He just wants to live a life that he has worked hard to earn. believe that if you asked Isaiah he would tell you all that he has forgiven Mitchell. None of us understand his mothers motive??

Miller himself has admitted to what he has done, so we cannot believe everything from this unverified source, but it does add a bit of a spin on things.
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Parent shares her side of story claiming Mitchell Miller is being LIED about

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