NHL Insider Gives Major Update on William Nylander's Contract situation

Published September 20, 2023 at 0:06

The summer has been an incredibly busy one for Toronto, as they've landed several veterans while extending Auston Matthews, and now, it appears that there's just one thing left for them to do.

A rising superstar


The last piece of the puzzle for the Maple Leafs is William Nylander, one of the team's fastest-rising stars, and as he enters the final season of his current contract, it appears he's looking for a major upgrade.

After a career-best 40 goals and 87 points, Nylander is on the verge of becoming a major star in the NHL, and the longer his current contract situation drags out, the more likely it is to enter the 2023-24 season without a new deal.

A major new update

According to NHL Insider Frank Seravalli, it appears Nylander's team is ready to go into the season with a new contract too, as he's more than confident in replicating his 2022-23 success, which would make him even more expensive for the Leafs.

I think they're quite comfortable from the Nylander camp's perspective. Let's play this out, see what happens, and enter the season. Let's see if he can have another year like he did last year because if it's not going to be in Toronto, it's going to be somewhere else.

He's already a pretty wealthy guy, but he'll be hitting a significant payday. It's an exciting place to be if you're Nylander because you already have some career security. You've made enough money at this point that even if he didn't play another game next season and beyond, he'd be okay. That's important, and it also allows you to shoulder the risk of this season, which lacks that future security in your back pocket. You can see how things unfold and maybe put the Leafs in a spot where they can't afford to lose you.

Right now, it appears anything could happen in this scenario, as Nylander has shown a willingness to move on from Toronto, and if the team wants to keep the core four together, it appears they need to make a move soon.

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NHL Insider Gives Major Update on William Nylander's Contract situation

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