GM Danny Briere Speaks Out On How Long The Hockey Canada Investigation Is Taking

Published September 19, 2023 at 9:02 PM

Hockey Canada has been investigating the actions of the 2018 World Junior Team for several months now. Fans and media have been patiently awaiting the announcement of which players are involved. Now a General Manager has spoken out about the investigation as well.

Briere Speaks On Hockey Canada Investigation

The new General Manager of the Philadelphia Flyers Danny Briere spoke about the Hockey Canada investigation in a recent interview. He says that he and the Flyers have reached out to try and find out any details and have been met with no answers.

The results will be particularly important to the Flyers because one of their players Carter Hart was on the 2018 World Junior Team. If he is going to be implicated of wrongdoing by the findings the team would like to know sooner rather than later.

When Will We Know More?


As of now, we do not have answers on when the reports around this scandal will come out. Many have speculated that they would be released before the season starts so that teams can prepare accordingly. With training camp just days away this timeline feels more and more unrealistic.

These NHL clubs are likely to go into the season not knowing the fate of their players if they were on the 2018 World Junior team. Whenever we do find out who was involved the next step will be to see how they are disciplined for their misconduct.

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GM Danny Briere Speaks Out On How Long The Hockey Canada Investigation Is Taking

Will the players accused of wrongdoing from the 2018 WJC Team Scandal be known before the start of the season?

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