NHL Department Of Player Safety Likely To Get Involved After Dirty Slash From Mitch Marner

Published November 19, 2023 at 1:31 PM
The Toronto Maple Leafs finished up their Global Series games in Sweden today with a matchup against the Minnesota Wild. The game could end up being a costly one for Maple Leafs forward Mitch Marner.

Maple Leafs Star Likely In Major Trouble After Dirty Slash

In the second period of the game between the Maple Leafs and Wild two stars forwards were engaged in a physical battle. Mitch Marner and Joel Eriksson Ek were battling in front of the net.

Eriksson Ek shoved Marner and landed on top of him. In the ensuing change in possession, Mitch Marner delivered a hard slash to Eriksson Ek.

Marner just slashed the hell out of Joel Eriksson Ek. TV timeout so I don't know if it's two or five. Wouldn't be shocked at five or a fine. JEE was messing with him beforehand but yeah, quite a whack. @sdpnsports

Marner gets sent to the box for slashing after this

The slash would go on to only get Marner two minutes in the box. However, it could be much more costly after the fact due to the violent nature of the slash on replay.

Department Of Player Safety Likely To Come Knocking On Marner's Door

With the severity of the slash and the fact that Joel Eriksson Ek was momentarily injured, Mitch Marner likely will have to meet with the Department Of Player Safety. Due to the play and the fact it was only a minor penalty and Eriksson Ek continued on in the game, a fine is the most likely outcome.

While Marner's bank account likely won't be happy when the ruling is made Marner will feel lucky to have gotten away with just a fine. The Maple Leafs will now begin their journey home on a roll after winning both of their Global Series games.
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NHL Department Of Player Safety Likely To Get Involved After Dirty Slash From Mitch Marner

Will Mitch Marner be fined, suspended or neither?

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