Fans Accuse Gary Bettman Of Rigging The Global Series In The Leafs Favor

Published November 19, 2023 at 11:23
The NHL took their game global once again this past week, sending four teams to Sweden to play several games, and during that major event, a distinct pattern has emerged in the eyes of NHL fans.

Fans accuse Gary Bettman of favoring the Toronto Maple Leafs

During their time in Sweden, three of the four teams in Detroit, Ottawa and Minnesota were forced to play back-to-back games, with the Senators forced to take two home games to Sweden.

Unsurprisingly however, not only were the Maple Leafs allowed to use two away games for this trip, but they didn't once play a back-to-back, and instead played both of their games against teams on the second night of their back-to-back.

The "fair" schedule of #NHLGlobalSeries

#GoSensGo: 2 "home" games in Sweden
#MnWild: 2 games, back-to-back
#LGRW: 2 games, b2b
#LeafsForever: 2 away games, not b2b, both against a team playing their b2b (2nd) game

Possible reasoning behind the move from the NHL?

Like most things in the NHL, this one clearly came down to money, as Senators announcers during the games noted this was done because the Leafs are one of the biggest money makers in the entire league.

The announcers said as much during the last sens game..league wouldn't take a home game away from the leafs because they were one of the highest earners of gate revenue in the league

Bettman is just the worst


Ultimately, this should come as no surprise to anyone, as the Leafs have always been a darling in the eyes of the NHL, but it's still doesn't seem right on the part of the league.
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Fans Accuse Gary Bettman Of Rigging The Global Series In The Leafs Favor

Are the NHL favouring Toronto in this series?

Yes5048.1 %
No5451.9 %
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