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NHL Caught in a Lie - Akim Aliu Update

Published November 1, 2021 at 5:39 PM

The NHL reported today that they'd concluded their investigation into Bill Peter's and his racial slur towards Akim Aliu and had been in touch with Aliu's representatives.

"We've been in touch with Akim Aliu's representatives about next steps, if there are any."

This sounds well and good, until you hear from the otherside of this matter. Despite the NHL's claims apparently Aliu's team hasn't heard a thing from the NHL.

Akim's representative Ben Meiselas fired back to Elliotte Friedman on Twitter.

This is news to me & not true. I am Akim's rep & NHL has not been in touch with us for over a year. Also, investigation was into broader issues of racism Akim experienced entire career in NHL & not limited to Peters. Witnesses we told them about haven't been contacted. 🧐

After the recent Blackhawks controversy the league is definitely in need of some positive PR, but providing an untrue statement about an investigation into racism isn't likely the right way to go about that.
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