Matthew Knies Takes a Shot at Connor McDavid in New Interview

Published September 5, 2023 at 7:52 PM

Leafs rookie Matthew Knies has taken a shot at Connor McDavid in a new interview with a major claim.

Knies Disses McDavid

Matthew Knies was recently asked about Auston Matthews and his response was quite shocking as it dissed Connor McDavid majorly.

Matthew Knies asked how good Auston Matthews is. "Pretty damn good. He's not just the best goal scorer in the NHL but he plays defense too. He's kind of the best overall player [in the NHL] in my eyes."

Auston Matthews better than Connor McDavid? McDavid had 68 more points than Matthews last season.

A fan put it best when they said this about the two:

"McDavid is the best overall player and it isn't even close. His gap in offence between everybody else makes up for whatever defensive deficiency you think there may be"

Connor McDavid is no slouch defensively and when the puck gets on his stick, there is little need for him to worry about defense. On top of this, McDavid is a playoff performer while Matthews certainly is not.

In Matthews' playoff career, he has played 50 total games and registered only 44 points. McDavid on the other hand has played 49 playoff games and has 75 points in those games. In his past two playoff runs alone, McDavid has amassed 53 playoff points in only 28 playoff games.

The gap between the two offensively is quite far and even if Matthews is better defensively, he is certainly not that much better to where it can make up such a larger offensive gap.

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Matthew Knies Takes a Shot at Connor McDavid in New Interview

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