Leafs Fans Demand Management to Give Up on Auston Matthews

Published August 5, 2023 at 11:44 PM

The situation with Auston Matthews in Toronto a subject of dispute. While the fans desire a long-term commitment from him, Matthews appears reluctant to comply.

Recently, voices on a hockey forum have been heard, urging Brad Treliving and the Maple Leafs to part ways with Matthews, their former first overall pick.

Disputed Situation

A substantial group of Leafs fans have come together with a single mission in mind - to create a team imbued with blue and white spirit.

Auston Matthews, originating from Arizona, doesn't seem to fit this vision. Reports indicate that he is unwilling to sign for the long term, which stands in contrast to the unified goal of the fans.

Matthews is the player to deal.

Never earned anything gets by on talent.


If we decide to blow it up and restart -- be it sooner or later -- the first thing we need to do is begin building around players who absolutely love being Toronto Maple Leafs. And I'm talking legit commitment and desire to be fabrics of this organization long-term, not just love the big paydays and all the celebrity fanfare that comes with it.

As far as I'm concerned, the two players who truly love the Leafs more than the rest are Rielly and Nylander -- it's just a feeling. Matthews is an American kid who loves the huge money, short-term deals, and all the hoopla, but he'd love that anywhere, and likely more in places with less pressure. Marner is a tricky one, but I think he uses the "I'm from here" narrative to leverage the Leafs into paying him more. Same with Tavares. He wanted to come home so bad, yet he only did it for the 2nd largest cap hit in the NHL when he knew darn well what we were building and that his contract would "set the tone" for the young stars moving forward.

The next time around, I want players who bleed blue. Players who love this club, city, and history, the way Wendel, Dougie, and Mats did. Players who want to commit and spend their careers here without pulling their teeth. Players who realize how lucky they are to have the chance to represent the Toronto Maple Leafs. Players who are willing to put it all on their line for fair compensation, yet are willing to give as much as they take. It's been a one-way street for our superstars around here.


Brad Treliving's first big move as Leafs GM would definitely be remembered if he traded Matthews. Will he do it? That is yet to be seen.

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Leafs Fans Demand Management to Give Up on Auston Matthews

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