Kyle Dubas May Have Just Ruined His Chances at Acquiring a Top Free Agent

Published August 12, 2023 at 8:27 PM

Kyle Dubas may have just missed his shot at acquiring one of the top unrestricted free agents left on the market.

Dubas Potentially Misses Shot With Tatar

Currently, Tomas Tatar is the number two UFA left on the market behind only Patrick Kane. Tatar is coming off a 20-goal 48-point season with New Jersey.

Recently, reports have surfaced showing that Tatar will be offered only a PTO (Professional Try Out) by Kyle Dubas and the Pittsburgh Penguins.

My info on this since late last Sunday has been Penguins are keenly interested, but it might come down to if Tatar gets a guaranteed deal elsewhere opposed to a PTO for camp in Pittsburgh (with expectation he gets a contract).


The Penguins' Situation

Currently, the Pittsburgh Penguins sit 80k over the salary cap. They have zero space to make a move unless they move out one of their bad contracts.

Tatar would certainly make the Penguins a better team and could slide into their middle six seamlessly but the cap constraints may prevent that from happening.

Tatar's 48 points would have been 5th on the Penguins last year and would replace Jason Zucker who left Pittsburgh in free agency.

As seen on Blade of Steel - Kyle Dubas disrespected former 29 goal scorer with professional tryout offer
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Kyle Dubas May Have Just Ruined His Chances at Acquiring a Top Free Agent

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