Alex Ovechkin's Heartfelt Promise to his Late Brother is Revealed

Published August 12, 2023 at 12:51

Alex Ovechkin's story is truly touching and not everyone knows about it.

When he was only ten years old, he made a promise to his dying brother that he kept.

Ovechkin's Promise to Late Brother

Sergei Ovechkin died at only 24 years old after a car accident and he was Alex's idol.

Before he died, Alex promised him he'd play in the NHL.

"Many fans don't know Alex Ovechkin's true motivation for hockey comes from his late brother Sergei, who was Alex's idol.

Sergei introduced Alex to hockey, and when he tragically passed away at 24 after complications from a car accident, Alex promised he would make the NHL in his honor."


Other Tributes

Alex didn't only play in the NHL, he also paid other tributes to his late brother.

"When Ovechkin had his day with the Stanley Cup, he and his family took it to the grave of his late brother. Ovi placed the cup next to it and told him, «We did it brother».

Ovi is often seen kissing his glove and pointing to the sky after scoring a goal, which is also in honor of Sergei.

Finally, Alex named his first born child after his brother Sergei."

This is great gestures by the Great Eight!


Do you think he'll win another Stanley Cup before he retires?

As seen on Hockey Patrol - Ovechkin Reveals the Heartfelt Promise He Made to His Late Brother
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