Big News Regarding a New Extension for Alexis Lafrenière

Published August 11, 2023 at 8:30 PM

Alexis Lafrenière finds himself in the midst of a lengthy process as he navigates his current contract negotiation. The young promising talent from Québec is surrounded by a flurry of speculations, including the potential of receiving an offer sheet.

The Potential of an Offer Sheet


The New York Rangers have slightly less than 3 million dollars available under the salary cap to finalize terms with Alexis, introducing a layer of complexity. This constraint raises the possibility of an offer sheet from rival teams, who might be willing to extend a slightly more lucrative deal to lure Lafrenière away from New York. This situation places the Rangers in a challenging position, making it difficult for them to match such offers.

Lafreniére's Recent Homecoming


During his appearance at the Bergeron-Gagné Classic in Québec City last Thursday, Lafrenière shared insights about his current circumstances. It appears that a resolution between him and the Rangers is on the horizon. While we anticipate a swift resolution, one thing remains clear: the likelihood of an offer sheet seems to diminish as time goes on. It is becoming increasingly probable that he will remain an integral part of the Rangers' roster for the upcoming year.

"Yes, it's coming. My agent and the Rangers are in discussions and I hope it will be settled in the next few weeks. I love playing there, and it would be super cool to continue. That's what the National League is all about. You have to be patient sometimes, it takes a little longer. I'm really looking forward to re-signing." - Alexis Lafrenière

You can never quite predict these things though so it's something we'll have to keep watching as it unfolds

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Big News Regarding a New Extension for Alexis Lafrenière

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