Kraken Forward Alex Wennberg Makes a Statement Regarding His Harassment

Published July 30, 2023 at 10:01

In what might be the most bizarre hockey incident of the year, Seattle Kraken forward Alex Wennberg is facing harassment from a particular faction within the hockey community. The situation escalated after Wennberg's wife issued a statement, and now the player himself has taken to social media to voice his concerns.

LINK: Statement from Wennberg's Wife

Wennberg Pleads for an End to Harassment

A distinct subset of the hockey community is intertwined with an entity known as BookTok. This platform allows fans to craft fanfiction, often of an explicit nature, about their favourite hockey players.

Due to his striking looks, Wennberg has become a favourite subject among this faction - much against his wishes.

In his statement, Wennberg has urged fans to cease the harassment on social media. He emphasized the importance of his family's sanctity and his child's safety as the primary reasons for his plea.

Over the last couple of days, me and especially my wife, have been getting lots of criticism about speaking up on sexually harassment on TikTok.

As someone who's been media trained my whole career I've been taught to bite my tongue and to leave it instead of making a statement. But it has gone too far for me to stay quiet when people post vile comments on my wife's instagram and on photos of our child.

The reason my wife said something and not me is simply she does it better and more bravely than me.

I'm all for the booktok community to write books and fiction about hockey but the aggressive language about real life players is too much. It has turned into daily and weekly comments on our personal social media.

This is not something we support or want our child to grow up with. All we ask for is a little respect and common sense regarding moving forward.

We can all take a joke and funny comments but when it turns personal and into something bigger that affects our family we need to tell you that we have had enough.

Enough of sexual harassment, and harassment of our character and our relationship.

Thank you for understanding

This is definitely uncomfortable...

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Kraken Forward Alex Wennberg Makes a Statement Regarding His Harassment

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