RUMOUR: Flames Shopping Goalie

Published July 30, 2023 at 8:41

The Calgary Flames are in an interesting position as a franchise right now, as they have three players all worthy of being their starting goalie.

Ultimately, one will have to move before the season starts, or else one won't get the playing time they deserve.

It appears the odd-man out is Dan Vladar.

Vladar Available

The Flames have one of the best goalie prospects in the league in their system in Dustin Wolf. Betting on save percentage is always safe, and he has carried his elite numbers from league to league.

Finally making his NHL debut in game #82 for the Flames last year, Wolf could be the team's most skilled option to be their man this season.

The team also has veteran Jacob Markstrom, who carries trade protection, and an $6-million annual deal. It's fair to say that he is unmovable barring a major sweetener.

So, Vladar is the man out, and he'll certainly get a lot of interest. He's still young by goalie standards, and won't be as expensive as many other options considering Calgary has no real leverage.

Trade talks are reportedly heating up around #Flames goaltender Dan Vladar.

With Dustin Wolf being a lock for the NHL, it seems like the Flames are motivated to make a move quickly.

Where do you think Dan Vladar will end up?
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RUMOUR: Flames Shopping Goalie

Who will start the most games in Calgary this season?

Jacob Markstrom2343.4 %
Dustin Wolf1834 %
Dan Vladar815.1 %
Other47.5 %
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