Chicago Blackhawks Owners Purchase a New Team

Published July 30, 2023 at 0:10

The Wirtz Corporation has purchased a top Junior Hockey team, only days after the passing of former Chairman Rocky Wirtz.

Wirtz Corporation Makes Investment In USHL

The Wirtz Corporation is finalizing the purchase of the USHL Chicago Steel, according to a report from The Athletic.

The reported purchase comes days after the passing of Wirtz Corporation and Blackhawks Chairman Rocky Wirtz, who passed away from a brief illness at the age of 70.

It's unclear who is in charge of the Wirtz Corporation after Rocky's passing, but it's believed that his son Danny, who has been serving as the Blackhawks CEO, is expected to take over the head role of Chairman, although that information has not been confirmed by either the Blackhawks or the Wirtz Corporation.

Details of the Chicago Steel

The Steel had been owned by Larry Robbins, CEO of New York Hedge-Fund Glenview Capital Management. Robbins has owned the Steel since 2015.

Under Robbins leadership, the Steel became a USHL powerhouse, winning 2 Championships in 2017 and 2021, but as well developing some of the best players to come out of the league, including Americans Nick Abruzzese, Brendan Brisson, Sam Colangelo, Sean Farrell & Mackie Samoskevich. But where the Chicago Steel truly made their developmental marks in is through their Canadian recruiting methods.

The Steel had been able to convince some of Canada's top young Hockey players to abandon the CHL circuit for the NCAA Pathway, and to strong success, with recent Canadian Robbins-era alumni including Owen Power, Adam Fantilli, Jayden Perron, and Macklin Celebrini, the potential 1st Overall Pick in the 2024 NHL Draft. All Canadian players that the Steel managed to pry from the hands of the Canadian Hockey League, offering an alternative development system almost unheard of before the Steel's blitz up north.

It isn't clear if Robbins, a passionate Hockey fan, will stay on in any capacity. The move solidifies the Wirtz Corporation's efforts to bolster along following the passing of their Chairman, and a dip into youth hockey, starting with a proven winner.

Financial terms were not reported for the deal, which has not been finalized by the involved parties.
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Chicago Blackhawks Owners Purchase a New Team

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