Jordan Martinook comes to the defense of a Russian teammate over Ukraine Invasion

Published March 2, 2022 at 11:18 PM

With the current events underway in Ukraine there have been many stories of Russian players being harassed for the actions of Vladimir Putin. Dan Milstien, the NHL Super Agent to 80% of Russian players, has continued to share information that both players and their families have received hate from fans both online and in person.

Today, Jordan Martinook had the opportunity to be interviewed by NO and he spoke about his Russian teammate, Andrei Svechnikov.

If anybody tries to make him feel bad about the situation, then he's got 23 brothers who will stick up for him.

It's obviously a unique situation and it isn't anything ‘Svech' can control. It's out of his hands. Obviously you want to support him ... and you have seen it with other players in the league who are getting some criticism.

He's obviously from Russia but it's totally out of his control. When you try to bring politics into hockey, it's hard for guys to really have a stance on it when it's completely out of their control. We'll support him as much as he needs.

He's mature above his years for sure. He understands what's going on. I don't know his take on it or how he feels about it, but I know he cares about it. I'm not from Russia and don't know what's going on there, I'm not from Ukraine. ... I just don't want ‘Svech' to have to face any scrutiny from this situation because as I said it's completely out of his control.

This is likely a common theme among NHL players, but full credit for Martinook coming out and speaking about this topic, that many will avoid.
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