Jets Owner Apologizes To Connor Bedard After Reporters Ask Disrespectful Questions

Published December 3, 2023 at 5:48 PM

The Winnipeg Jets Owner has just announced that he will be issuing an apology to Connor Bedard after reporters asked him disrespectful questions.

Bedard Asked Disrespectful Questions In Winnipeg

Connor Bedard was forced to answer some unfortunate questions during his stint in Winnipeg when the Blackhawks played the Jets. Unfortunately, this was coming off the peak of Corey Perry's contract termination, and the height of the rumours surrounding Perry and Bedard's family.

Even though both the Blackhawks' GM Kyle Davidson and Corey Perry himself, denied the allegations that the incident involved a teammate's family member, media members in Winnipeg continued to ask Bedard about it.

Winnipeg media asked Connor Bedard about the impact of the Perry «rumors» today. Frankly, I don't think this was an appropriate time to do so. But I do think his response is worth posting:

«It's just a bunch of BS on the internet. It's of course been an affect on myself and my family, and that's not fair. But it's out of our control. It's all just fake, made-up stuff.»

Bedard handled the questions with class and maturity much beyond his years, and he shouldn't have even had to answer this line of questioning.

Jets' Owner Apologizes to Bedard for The Disrespectful Questions

Now, it has been reported that the Winnipeg Jets Owner boarded the Blackhawks bus after the game to issue an apology to Bedard for the questioning.

Darren Pang said on #Blackhawks broadcast that Jets owner boarded Hawks' bus to apologize to Connor Bedard for Winnipeg media's continuous questions about made-up rumors in Corey Perry situation.

This was the right thing for the Jets owner to do, as this sort of questioning from the Media shouldn't be tolerated. Now, hopefully, the situation won't require any more questions so that Bedard and his family can move on.
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Jets Owner Apologizes To Connor Bedard After Reporters Ask Disrespectful Questions

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