Jack Eichel Rips Into Old Team After Cup Win

Published September 15, 2023 at 6:31 PM

Jack Eichel recently shared some hard feelings about his old organization.

The Eichel Story


Jack Eichel, once touted as the shining hope for the Buffalo Sabres after being their much-anticipated second-overall pick in the 2015 NHL draft, recently reveled in his Stanley Cup victory with Vegas. His journey from Buffalo to Vegas was fraught with challenges, underscoring a tale of unfulfilled promises and stark divergences in medical opinions.

Constant Conflict

The main point of contention was Eichel's request for a specific, high-tech neck surgery which the Sabres' management was unwilling to approve. Buffalo's seemingly chronic inability to sculpt a competitive team was also a persistent sore point for Eichel. The culmination of these festering issues led to his dramatic 2021 departure to Vegas. Consequently, a rift developed between Eichel and Buffalo supporters, who felt a sense of betrayal.

Proving Them Wrong

In a candid interview with the respected Pierre LeBrun of The Athletic, Eichel did not mince words.

If I were going to sit here and tell you it didn't feel good to shut a lot of people up or prove them wrong, I'd be lying.

Now, after two seasons with Vegas and a Cup under his belt, Eichel's reputation has skyrocketed. Perhaps, his recent achievements have unveiled the true caliber of Jack Eichel that was overshadowed during his stint with Buffalo.

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Jack Eichel Rips Into Old Team After Cup Win

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