Maple Leafs Eyeing Blockbuster Trade to Boost Playoff Success

Published September 15, 2023 at 5:41 PM


While a guest on the Got Yer' Back podcast, TSN's Mark Masters suggested trading William Nylander isn't as simple as some have suggested.

While many see the merit in exchanging him for a top-tier defenseman, Masters pointed out that Nylander, with a contract under $7 million and a 40-goal potential, is one of the Leafs' best bang for their salary-cap buck. Given Nylander's potential output, trading him might be detrimental to the team.

The Man With The Plan

«The belief with the 'Shana-Plan' and this Leafs philosophy has been, if you have those four guys, then you're going to have a chance every season and you're in the playoffs, which they don't want to take for granted.»

However, it's hinted that GM Brad Treliving might consider a massive trade during the season or off-season, akin to the "Jack Eichel-type" trade. Eichel, dissatisfied in Buffalo, was traded mid-season to Vegas in a lucrative deal that benefited both teams: Vegas won the Stanley Cup in the following year and Buffalo acquired strong assets, rebranding as a team with high potential.

Nylander and Eichel Situations are Similar

Nylander's circumstances differ from Eichel's but parallels are drawn in terms of team dynamics and player satisfaction. Eichel's discontent with Buffalo led to a sour environment, something Toronto may be nearing with Nylander. If Nylander's performance soars but he remains undervalued compared to teammates Matthews and Marner, tensions may rise. Trading Nylander might be wise, but determining his worth, especially as a potential UFA, complicates matters.

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Maple Leafs Eyeing Blockbuster Trade to Boost Playoff Success

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