RUMOUR: Top Goalie to Get Traded This Weekend?

Published September 15, 2023 at 2:08 PM

A major change is apparently going to touch the Buffalo Sabres organization in the next few days.

Big Change in Buffalo?

According to the anonymous insider Eklund, the Sabres are closing in on a top goalie, and the trade could happen this weekend!

"Sabres Closing in on a 'serious goalie' THIS Weekend. This is from a source... The names, I would imagine, are limited to likely Hellebuyck or Logan Thompson. Stay tuned"

The Sabres have playoff hopes this season, and for now, they're relying on rookie Devon Levi to lead them there. Getting a goalie would help their chances of being successful.


Thompson or Hellebuyck?

As you read earlier, Eklund believes Logan Thompson or Connor Hellebuyck are the likely contenders.


Thompson, the current goalie in Vegas who won the Stanley Cup last season, likely won't be traded by the Golden Knights. They have no cap space, and his cheap contract is an incredible asset for Vegas.

There have been many trade rumors this summer involving Connor Hellebuyck. Apparently, he wants out of Winnipeg, but the Jets are waiting for the right offer before moving him.

Could the Sabres have what it takes to convince the Jets to part ways with Hellebuyck?

As seen on Hockey Buzz - Sabres Closing in on a "serious goalie" THIS Weekend
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RUMOUR: Top Goalie to Get Traded This Weekend?

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