Jack Campbell Throws Shade At Oilers After Being Sent To AHL

Published November 10, 2023 at 11:44 PM
The Edmonton Oilers have been known for playing 80s style hockey in recent years. Just last season they had a player hit 150 points and a powerplay that clicked at over 30% for the season. Those things don't tend to happen in the modern NHL. This season, only the goalies seem to be playing like its the 80s and both Jack Campbell and Stuart Skinner have ridiculously bad numbers. Campbell was even sent to the AHL but he isn't particularly happy about it.

Campbell: I Thought I Was Playing Well

Upon being demoted to the American Hockey League, Jack Campbell made the following statement, effectively putting the Oilers on blast.

"Pretty tough not going to lie... I felt like I was playing well, had some confidence. Obviously the numbers weren't good enough."

Campbell's Struggles Continue In the Minor Leagues

At least he recognizes that the numbers were not good. So far his numbers in the American League have not been encouraging either. It was just one start, but Campbell let in 4 goals on 20 shots for an .800 save percentage. This goal in particular garnered a lot of attention online.

The Oilers do not have a lot of options with Campbell at this point. He just signed a four-year 20 million dollar contract which is looking like an albatross at this point. No team is going to want to take that on without massive sweeteners involved. As such, the team's trade options could be limited by cap space issues, thanks to a 3.85 million dollar penalty for playing Campbell in the minors. The next few days will be imperative for the Oilers. Their next game is tomorrow night against the Kraken.

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Jack Campbell Throws Shade At Oilers After Being Sent To AHL

How can the Oilers fix their goalie problem?

Rely on AHL call ups233.7 %
Trade for top goalie16125.7 %
Trade for any goalie with a pulse11117.7 %
Improve defense first33253 %
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