PK Subban Believes Maple Leafs Need To Fire Sheldon Keefe

Published November 10, 2023 at 8:21 PM
PK Subban, once a captain in the NHL, now a hockey analyst for ESPN had a lot to say about the Maple Leafs recently. He went off on head coach Sheldon Keefe, blaming him for the team's struggles.

Subban Calls On Maple Leafs To Fire head Coach Keefe

Yesterday Subban made a most on X, stating his point of view on the Leafs and their current situation. He placed a lot of blame on Sheldon Keefe, noting that the team should move on from him before its too late.

The former defenseman pointed out that Keefe has not done a good job distributing ice time among his players. He believes the top guys are playing too much and the depth players are not playing enough. The Leafs are far from the only team that relies on their top players for extra time each night though. Colorado's Mikko Rantanen averages over 21 minutes a night and Nathan Mackinnon averages nearly 22 a night and that team won a championship recently with both those players leading the way.

Keefe Shifts Focus Onto Defense And Goaltending

Keefe has now doubt felt the pressure from the media and fans alike in Toronto. Just a cursory glance at social media will find dozens of posts complaining about the job he's done as Leafs head coach.

Through it all, Keefe has remained calm and focused on the issues. He knows his team can score goals in bunches when they need to, but he has not been pleased with their willingness and or ability to play effective defense.

"Some of it is just being committed to it. We sit in here & celebrate guys who score big numbers & score a ton. We don't talk enough about what we give up. That's the reality. We got to prioritize keeping the puck out of our net"

Notably, John Klingberg will miss tonight's game with a minor injury. Perhaps his exclusion from the lineup will help the team's effort in their own zone as Klingberg has been the league's worst defender based on public analytic models this season.

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PK Subban Believes Maple Leafs Need To Fire Sheldon Keefe

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