Huberdeau Reveals He Sought Help From a Psychologist After Tough Season

Published August 6, 2023 at 11:53

Huberdeau's Disastrous Start in Calgary

As you know, Jonathan Huberdeau and the Flames struggled all season long last year. They were simply unable to create a team spirit. Now that Darryl Sutter is gone, things should go a bit smoother.

Huberdeau is looking to bounce back after a horrible year that saw the largest drop in points in decades. For the first season of his eight-year extension, valued at $10.5M AAV, he absolutely wants to show what he's truly capable of. He'll face intense pressure on his shoulders and must deal with it.

He recently revealed how he copes with it, and it's in a healthy way that could be the key to his success in Calgary.


Huberdeau Asks for Help

In an interview, he mentioned that he sought professional psychological help.

Hockey players, like everyone else, are humans, and their struggles are valid. Asking for help is the first step to address his issues and come back strong next season.

Here's what he revealed:

«I think, get back to the basics. That's what I wanted to do. I talked to a psychologist and got back to where I'm confident and have the right mindset. I think I got away from that. Just trust yourself and have confidence. That's what I learned a lot this summer.

Obviously, I'd never had that type of season. It was going well the past four years before that year that just happened. Just reset everything and come back to the basics. Small victories in your life that are going to give you that confidence back. This summer, that's what I did.»

This is good news for the Flames! Let's hope this helps him get a fresh start in Calgary.

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Huberdeau Reveals He Sought Help From a Psychologist After Tough Season

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