Frontrunner for Jonathan Toews When He Returns to the NHL Revealed

Published August 24, 2023 at 10:24

Jonathan Toews will be only missing a year of NHL action and the frontrunner for when he returns has been revealed.

Toews' Time In Chicago

Throughout his time with the Chicago Blackhawks, Jonathan Toews won almost anything he could win.

He has won three separate Stanley Cups, multiple gold medals for Team Canada, and a couple of individual awards as well.

However, his time in Chicago has come to an end after he posted this emotional farewell.

The Toews Frontrunner


Back when Toews still was a Blackhawk, the Boston Bruins were reportedly on his radar as a potential destination.

Pagnotta also noted the potential fit between the Bruins and NHL veteran Jonathan Toews. Even though Toews had primarily been working on getting healthy and recovering from the effects of Long Covid, the Bruins were on Toews' radar dating back to last year as a potential destination.

Toews would need to ensure that his role with the Bruins would be substantial and he would need to know that he could have a chance at winning the cup. The Bruins may fill this mold and could be where he winds up next.

As seen on Blade of Steel -Toews has his eye on one team when he returns to the NHL
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Frontrunner for Jonathan Toews When He Returns to the NHL Revealed

Where will Toews sign?

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