Former NHLer Tears John Tavares Apart For Poor Performance

Published December 4, 2023 at 11:34

This former NHL player just ripped apart Leafs Captain John Tavares for his effort during the loss to the Boston Bruins.

Bieksa Rips Apart Tavares For Poor Performance in Overtime Against the Bruins

After the Leafs lost to the Boston Bruins in another game that saw extra time, Kevin Bieksa shared his thoughts regarding how John Tavares and William Nylander played in overtime.

The overtime goal saw Brad Marchand bury a rebound goal after a Bruins rush. Tavares and Nylander, unfortunately tired after a long shift, were caught looking as if they weren't putting a good effort in to backcheck.


Brad Marchand wins it for the @NHLBruins with his @Energizer overtime winner!

Bieksa had the following to say about their efforts.

"Tavares here, head should be down trying to get back into the picture," Bieksa said. "Nylander, same thing. Him and Marchand are the two that tangled at center and Marchand ends up beating him to the net and scoring the winner." - Bieksa on Leafs-Bruins Final Play in Overtime

Fans Not Happy With Tavares and Nylander As Their Effort Looked Lacking

Leafs fans also took to social media to share their thoughts on the play, and their disappointment with Tavares's effort.

I'm fairly certain John Tavares was exhausted here, but the lack of effort to get back and help defend is nonetheless infuriating to watch

Yeah watching this over gets worse and worse

However, some fans shared a different perspective of the play, saying that there wasn't much time left for Tavares to even do anything meaningful.

There was literally no chance of Tavares stopping that playeven if he «hustled» back. Granted, he could have made the effort - but at the end of a shift, he probably was gassed. A skater covers A TON of ice in overtime.
Either way, probably would have had no impact.

There was nothing to be done. He had no chance remotely of catching Marchand after Nylander blew a tire and there were 6 seconds left so there wasn't going to be a follow up play. Either Woll was saving the day or they were losing.

Either way, the Leafs need to figure out how to win in regular time as they continue to roll the dice taking games into overtime and shootouts.

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Former NHLer Tears John Tavares Apart For Poor Performance

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