Former NHL Referee Tim Peel Gives His Honest Evaluation Of Ilya Samsonov And The Maple Leafs

Published December 30, 2023 at 8:46 PM

Today popular social media follow and former NHL referee decided to use his platform to discuss Ilya Samsonov and the Toronto Maple Leafs.

Former NHL Referee Gives Honest Opinion On Samsonov And The Leafs

After the most recent loss by the Toronto Maple Leafs former NHL referee went on a rant discussing the Maple Leafs. He gave his honest opinion on what he thinks is wrong with the team.

#LeafsForever has no D and with out Joseph Woll they are screwed. Samsonov sucks!!

When discussing what the plan should be with the struggling Ilya Samsonov Peel indicated that he believes Samsonov's time in the NHL should come to an end.

He needs 2 weeks away from the rink, away from hockey to reset. Then, bring him back to play in the AHL until he can get back to form. I know it's a long time ago, but the Wings did that for Ozzie in 09'. It helped him return to form. Mental reset

Tim Peel: Or send him back to [Russia]

The struggles from the goaltending seem to not just be an opinion held by Tim Peel but the Toronto Maple Leafs themselves as well. All though I'm not so sure the Maple Leafs' solution is sending Samsonov back to Russia.

Maple Leafs Coach And Media React To Poor Goaltending

Beyond Peel goaltending seems to be a hot topic around Toronto this week. Sheldon Keefe was asked and commented on the situation himself.

Keefe: "Mistakes get magnified when you don't get saves."

While Keefe was a bit less reactionary about Ilya Samsonov's place in the team Jonas Siegel wrote that the time has come for the Maple Leafs to replace Samsonov.

While there are major issues with Ilya Samsonov's game and confidence it does not seem that the Maple Leafs are ready to make a move. As the games continue to stack it will be interesting to see if things reach a level where they need to make a move.

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Former NHL Referee Tim Peel Gives His Honest Evaluation Of Ilya Samsonov And The Maple Leafs

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