Fans Calling For Play By Play Announcer Jack Edwards to Hang It Up After Last Game

Published September 28, 2023 at 9:55 PM

After last night's preseason game, fans are calling for Jack Edwards to call it quits as a result of his performance.

Something Off With Jack Edwards in His Return to Play By Play

Jack Edwards missed the first Bruins pre-season game, which had fans wondering if his replacement Alex Faust would be a long-term replacement for the Bruins announcing booth. Edwards was able to make his return for last night's pre-season game, however, fans weren't happy with his performance.


Fans were quick to criticize Edwards' ability to call the play. Some speculated that there could be something wrong with his health, explaining his absence from the first game.

Seriously what's going on with Jack Edwards? I almost feel bad that Bruins fans are going to have to listen to this all year. He's either silent or seconds behind and barely saying anything. Yikes.

Someone honestly needs to check on Jack Edwards. #NHLBruins #NESN

Jack Edwards' Has a Storied Past with the Bruins that Could Come to an End Soon

Edwards has a long history of calling the play-by-play with the Bruins and is famous for his charismatic enthusiasm for the Bruins. However, this enthusiasm has also come with controversy.

Famously, Edwards has been criticized in the past for comments that encourage or cheer on opposing players getting injured.

@RealJackEdwards on his karma comment immediately after Roman Polak's injury last night: «I stand by my real-time call, and I think Brick nailed it when he said Polak's injury was ‘self-induced.'''

As seen on Hockey Patrol - "Things Getting Even Worse for Jack Edwards After Terrible Play by Play Call"
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Fans Calling For Play By Play Announcer Jack Edwards to Hang It Up After Last Game

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