Fans Believe Game Was Rigged After Terrible Call Changes Which Team Won The Game

Published November 29, 2023 at 0:19
Tonight a game's result is in question after a call was changed during a critical moment leading to fans believing the game is rigged.

Major Call Changed In Maple Leafs And Panthers Game

The Maple Leafs and Panthers game was a hard-fought contest that ended up going to a shootout.

Controversy broke out when the Panthers scored a game-winning shootout goal. The goal was originally allowed. However, it was then overturned leading to a Maple Leafs goal and win in the shootout.

The Panthers thought they won in the shootout, but the goal was reviewed and disallowed.

Then the Leafs won it on a save by Woll

The Maple Leafs would go on to win this game after a ton of controversy. Noah Gregor's shootout goal makes him the hero of the game scoring both pivotal goals in this one for the Maple Leafs.

This result has led to fans calling for the NHL to review the game as it looks to have been rigged according to some fans.

Fans Believe NHL Rigged Game In Favor Of The Leafs

Multiple fans on X are irate with this outcome. They believe the NHL is rigging games in the favor of the Toronto Maple Leafs using the referees to do so.

At this point, Refs should just wear Leafs jerseys

Maple Leafs game rigged LMAOO


While all of these individuals are entitled to their opinion the Panthers player clearly touches the puck a second time. This makes the attempt invalid and therefore not a goal. With the win, the Maple Leafs move into a tie for fourth in the Atlantic Division.
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Fans Believe Game Was Rigged After Terrible Call Changes Which Team Won The Game

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