Former Player Calls Out The NHL's Players Assistance Program

Published November 28, 2023 at 7:17 PM
The NHL's Player Assistance Program has been tauted as a fantastic program by the NHL used to help players with substance abuse or mental health problems to get back on track. According to one player this is not the case at all.

Former NHLer Rips The Players Association

During a discussion on a podcast former NHL player Scott Darling was having a discussion about the Player Assistance Program. When asked if Darling thinks the program is a good thing he had a very strong negative reaction.

"Fuck them...they're monsters"

Scott Darling on the NHL/NHLPA's player assistance program

Beyond saying they are monsters he also advised any player dealing with addiction not to seek help from the league and just deal with it on your own. He expanded on this by saying that the league will try and take away your contract if you do.

These are the first types of warnings we have heard from a player on the Player Assistance Program. Most reviews of it to this point have been positive.

Player Assistance Program Seeing More Players Enter Than Ever Despite Darling's Warning

In recent weeks we have seen several players enter the Player Assistance Program. From Brad Marchand to Samuel Girard players are taking advantage of the program more and more.

Avalanche's Samuel Girard to receive care from the NHL/NHLPA Player Assistance Program.

Milan Lucic will be entering the NHL/NHLPA Player assistance program while he remains in indefinite leave from Bruins

With these new warnings from Darling, players might reconsider entering the program which could be a bad thing if they truly need the help. However, if the program truly does have the ability to prey on players in need of help change is absolutely needed to improve the process.
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Former Player Calls Out The NHL's Players Assistance Program

Is the Players Assistance Program out to get players' contracts terminated?

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